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IP Address :

Info :

Country : United Kingdom [GB]


VPN/Proxy : Yes

ASN : 34282


Request :

Status : 206

Delay : 2ms

Country : United Kingdom GB

Continent : Europe EU

Latitude : 51.4964

Longitude : -0.1224

Accuracy Radius : 200km

Timezone : Europe/London

Currency : £ - GBP or £

Data Updated: 1 month ago

What is an IP address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Thus, an IP address or Internet Protocol address is an Internet Protocol (IP) address that identifies all devices connected to a network, both locally and globally on the Internet network.

In this modern age, we don't have to go anywhere to find the information and knowledge we need. All information can be accessed in seconds via the Internet. We get this convenience from our internet connection and the devices that can connect to it.

However, we already know that the convenience of the Internet is made possible through several important components that are well connected to each other. One of them is the Internet Protocol (IP) address, which allows devices such as personal computers (PCs), laptops, or mobile phones to connect to the Internet.

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In the modern World's Internet Protocol is a kind of tool that identifies all devices connected to the network, both on the public and local Internet.

We need to know together when we use devices such as laptops, PCs, mobile phones or printers. In fact, all of these devices have unique IP addresses.

The rapid development of technology has led to the emergence of various innovations that make people's lives easier. Most or almost everyone today is using social media as an effective and efficient means of communication. But at least everyone still has and uses a phone number so they can talk to each other and connect to other apps.

If the above explanation is still unclear, let's draw an analogy together. Let's imagine that we and other people are computer devices and IP addresses are each other's phone numbers. In other words, an IP address is a set of numbers belonging to all devices such as computers, gadgets, smartphones, etc. connected over the internet. Of course, each device has a different number and the numbers it uses to communicate with each other.

So, how can you access a site with such a different number on the Internet? Any site accessed is a set of files and data that runs on the host server and, in this case, is stored on a computer device. So, each website has its own IP address. For example, Google uses the number as its IP address. However, one site's IP address may be the same as another webmaster's IP address.

What if you don't know your IP address??

To find out the IP address that you are using is actually very easy and there are many ways, one of which is using the Cekip.site site

You can also find other IP address information that you need by entering the IP address you want to track, then clicking the Check IP Address button, instantly you will get the information you want to find.

Your IP address is

What does an IP address do?

Having an IP address allows all devices using an internet connection to communicate with each other. But that's not all. We know that the number of digits in an IP address has other features as well. In addition to comparing to phone numbers, IP addresses can also be compared to people's names and home addresses. Why do you compare it to this? An IP address is an identifier for a computer on the Internet. Thus, website owners can find out all IP addresses accessing their websites. An IP address also serves as an address for sending data to the devices we use. When you access a site, what actually happens is the process of downloading the data sent by the site (data download). This process is possible thanks to your IP address.

When we visit a website, the devices we use must locate the website data and then retrieve the data and present it to us or anyone accessing it. When we buy something from the marketplace, do we write down both our home address and phone number so that we can get it from the marketplace and ship it properly? now! Something like this for the IP address function. You may not realize it, but his role is very important.

By comparison, an IP address is a number that ensures packets (data) are sent to the correct home (device). In other words, the IP address serves as the device's means of communication, so requests are routed across the network to the correct destination.

How do IP addresses work?

Here's an explanation for Grameds who don't know how IP addresses work: Computers connected to your network router are usually provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The router then connects to the server hosting your website to access the files that need to be transferred back to your computer.

Devices such as computers and routers have IP addresses by which they can recognize each other. Using this IP address, each device can communicate, receive data, and send data.

What is the version of the IP address?

Currently, there are billions of websites on the Internet. Not to mention that the number of devices connected to the internet is definitely greater. Therefore, currently two versions of IP addresses are commonly used: IPv4 and IPv6.

First, IPv4

This is the version of the IP address that has been in use since the Internet began to be used for commercial purposes. This version of IPv$ is also the most widely used version. Maybe we're using it now.

IPv4 is 32 bits long and consists of a set of 4 numbers separated by dots. Each of these set of numbers is the decimal representation of an 8-digit (bit) binary number.

A string of eight binary digits is also called an octet. The maximum value for each octet is 255. So these IPv4 addresses range from to Over this range, IPv4 can support nearly 4.3 billion IP addresses. To help explain the above, here are some examples of IPv4 addresses:

  • 16.254.1
  • 146.80.100
  • 168.1.3
  • 16.254.1


Second, IPv6

Although the current IPv6 version of addresses is not widely used, IPv4's reduced capacity led to the creation of IPv6. IPv6 is 128 bits long and consists of eight groups of numbers and letters separated by colons. Each of these sets of numbers and characters is a decimal representation of 16 binary digits. Due to the large number of possible combinations of numbers and letters, IPv6 can support 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 addresses. The Internet world will not run out of IP addresses for a long time to come. An example of an IPv6 address is 2001:cdba::3257:9652.

What is the difference between public IP and private IP?

Depending on the scope, there are two types of IP addresses: public IP addresses and private IP addresses. What does it matter?

1. Public IP address

As the name implies, public IP addresses are accessible over the Internet. A public IP address belongs to all devices intended for public use. Website servers, email servers, and Wi-Fi routers are some examples of devices that use public IP addresses.

Public IP addresses and private IP addresses have separate number ranges, and the assignment of these types of public IP address ranges is governed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Before an organization (such as an ISP) can obtain a public IP address, it must obtain permission from the institution.

2. private

Private IP addresses are used for LAN communication. Examples of devices using this private IP address include laptops, PCs, and mobile phones. Each of these devices can communicate with each other over another LAN, such as a Local Access Network (LAN), rather than through an Internet connection.

How can your computer access websites if your IP address is private? This may be because your device does this through the public IP address of your internet router.

What is the difference between dynamic IP and static IP?

ISPs actually provide two types of IP addresses: dynamic and static. Below is a description of both.

1. Dynamic

A floating IP address is a type commonly owned by the general public, including us. These IP addresses are provided free of charge by your ISP, but not indefinitely.

Why not immortal? The decline in the number of IP addresses currently available is explained in the overview above. So we alternate IP addresses. ISPs are also responsible for this. Dynamic IP addresses can change once a week, once a month or once a year. However, restarting your internet device or router can also cause these changes.

2. Static

On the other hand, static IP is the opposite of dynamic IP. A static IP address is "reserved" by the party using it. Users who reserve one or more IP addresses include web hosting providers, virtual private networks (VPNs), and file transfer protocol (FTP) servers. Service providers need IP addresses that cannot be changed because their services depend on them. You will have to pay a fee from your ISP to get this static IP address.

What is Shared IP and Dedicated IP?

If you run more than one website, your web hosting server uses two types of IP addresses: shared IP addresses and dedicated IP addresses. What's the explanation for both?

1. Shared IP

From the previous discussion of public IP addresses, you already know that each website server has one IP address. Shared IP addresses are typically available on shared hosting servers where all users share all resources on the server, including their own IP addresses. Not only that, but all domains you own also share the same IP address.

2. Dedicated IP

If the public IP address is used by all users on the server, that dedicated IP address is only used by one domain. This type of IP address is usually provided by dedicated hosting servers and VPS cloud hosting, but some cheap/cheap web hosting providers allow their customers to use dedicated IP addresses on their shared hosting servers.

How are security threats related to IP addresses?

One thing we must all remember together is that you should always protect your IP address and never give it out to anyone. When our IP address becomes known to hackers and criminals in the internet world, we are in a precarious position.

Although it doesn't display sensitive information, hackers or criminals on the Internet may still use your IP address to:

Location and activity tracking

IP addresses may reflect geographic location and the internet activity we conduct. City or address and electronic transaction activity can also be tracked to this address. What was the result? We risk being followed, tricked, or even victims of crime. vulnerable to hacking devices

Our devices connect to the internet through an IP address and port. Knowing our IP address allows hackers to forcibly take over the computers we use. To make matters worse, they can install malicious programs and then steal our sensitive personal information to commit criminal acts and harm us. Use Resources or Create Frames

If our IP address falls into the hands of criminals, they can use it to lure us into a trap. For example, your IP address may upload or download inappropriate content, which may violate your ISP's terms and conditions. It will be fatal.


So, after reading some of the explanations in this article about IP addresses, here's a summary. An IP address is a set of numbers that all devices use to connect over the internet. There are two types of IP addresses. Namely, IPv4, which has been around since the early days of the Internet, and IPv6, which was created more recently to address the problem of under-quota of dwindling IP addresses. IP addresses are also divided into several types and classes. IP addresses are useful for remote connections to other devices and servers.

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