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In this day and age, there are many ways to obtain money. Unlimited Internet makes everything very fast and easy to connect. Get cash anytime, anywhere with cheap Wi-Fi packages. If you are a beginner, you have come to the right place. For beginners, here are some tips on how to make money online. You must have often heard people say that you can make a fantastic income online. How do I do this? So, check out the tips below and start making money! 


 sell online without capital 


 Is it possible to sell online without capital? The answer is definitely possible. But before that, we need to equate capitalless awareness beyond necessities like the  internet, cell phone, laptop, or basic device you really need to have. Our dropshipping system allows you to sell online without capital. Dropshipping is a system of selling or marketing someone else's product without first stocking it. Instead of using the dropshipping system to buy a specific product/item to sell, simply contact the online retailer and "help" them sell the item at the price you set. You can offer someone else's products in your online store. Isn't that interesting? 

 Start as a freelancer 


 Freelancers, also known as freelancers, attract a lot of people with huge potential. There are many types of freelance work  you can get and do online. As a freelance writer, graphic designer, and translator, some people make money just by accompanying them to  games. There are many opportunities to try to make money on the internet. Popular sites  to find freelance jobs like,,, and other service provider platforms. 


 Enter captcha and earn dollars 


 Perhaps some of you are familiar with captchas. Captcha itself is widely used in various forms to prevent robots from sending spam. This captcha is a method used by websites to determine whether a person filling out a form  is a real user or a robot. Did you know that you can earn dollars by capitalizing your own kutcha? how? You can try it on a site that offers captcha writing jobs and get $0.5 for a  1-2 hour job. To receive these dollars, you must correctly fill out the CAPTCHAs on sites that offer this action. Visit the website directly for more information. 


 Earn money by completing surveys 


 One of the things you can try as soon as possible to start making money online is to complete online surveys. Oh how are you? There are many companies  in Indonesia and abroad that need information by completing surveys, which are usually provided by companies operating in this field. Survey service companies require an unlimited number of people to complete surveys to meet  data requirements. You can  start filling out surveys by registering with Yougov, Jakpat, Nusaresearch, and more, and get paid for each survey you complete. Of course, what you pay will depend on the number of surveys you complete and the terms and conditions of each service provider's website.  Stock or cryptocurrency trading 


 If you have enough capital, try trading stocks or cryptocurrencies. However,  this entry is not arbitrary and requires advanced knowledge to get started. Trading stocks or cryptocurrencies can offer very tempting returns, but remember that higher returns are directly proportional to  risk. You can start by learning what trading is and how to trade both stocks and cryptocurrencies. This was information on how to make money on the internet for beginners. You need a fast and stable internet connection to make easy money online. To get the best Internet you can try  First Media Home Internet. Let's take a look at the best deals here.